When 143 years of combined company history come together, you can expect the markets to notice.


In an ever-evolving market place, the leaders of two of the oldest sales engineering firms in the business saw an opportunity to fill a need. Our goal is simple: to provide customers a singular place to solve all of their dry bulk storage, handling, & processing needs.


With the merger of The Tennant Company and SPECS completed in October of 2019, the new company formation is now capable of providing a more economical, thorough, and durable solution than ever before.


Capital equipment, equipment & process integration, process studies, spare parts, retrofits and much more. From equipment selection to installation, we have all the tools at our disposal to be able to take our customers by the hand and remove all the guess work from capital projects and efficiency updates.

New Technologies & Case Studies

Bruks Siwertell

April 2020

Quezon specifies enclosed Siwertell ship unloader for new power plant.

Bruks Siwertell

Sept 2019

Bruks Siwertell awarded repeat truck dump equipment order from Douglas Pellets


Feb 2020

Choosing the right thermal processing equipment for cannabis and hemp.


Sept 2019

CST Installs Explosion Relief Vents, Improves Customer Safety and Profitability


Oct 2019

CST raises awareness on new combustible dust standards.


Aug 2019

How does the NFPA 484 apply to my dust collection?

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TENNANT SPECS is a full services sales engineering firm with a focus in dry, bulk material handling and processing.





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