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Bulk solids handling equipment

Tennant SPECS partners with industry leading manufacturers to provide high quality equipment for all your solids handling needs. Tennant SPECS is dedicated to understanding your material, application, and requirements to develop solutions storage, conveying, processing, and more. Contact us today for details on the equipment below or help with your custom solution!



CST factory welded tanks are manufactured in one-piece designs up to 15 ft in diameter and 85 ft long. For larger dimensions, they canbe welded on site


CST bolted silos can be designed as either flat panel or gasketed chime panel tanks. Flat panel tank are available on shorter lead times with pre-configured models.



Tennant SPECS works with world leading providers of concrete domes. Contact your local sales representative for more information.



Carter Day's Stainless Steel SpinAway Dryer separates pellitized products from water slurries in a continuous operation.  Products can be discharged from the SpinAway dry enough to go directly to packaging or storage with surface moisture as low as 0.05%.

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 3.35.23 PM 2 2.png

Dedert's new range of spray dryers, built around the innovative, patented high speed rotary atomizer, adds to its expansive portfolio of leading evaporation and drying technologies and enhances Dedert's reputation for quality and performance.

Solex Plate Heat Exchangers.png

Solex's patented plate technology is used for heating and cooling. Solex’s heat exchange technology heats/cools while using up to 90% less energy, emitting virtually no emissions and offering a significantly smaller installation footprint than traditional methods.

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 3.35.23 PM.png

The Readco Continuous Processor (CP) is a continuous mixer and reactor used to process food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals. They are designed to mix one or more dry materials with one or more liquid materials continuously, producing a homogenous product at the discharge end of the unit.


Carman’s Vibrating Fluid Bed Processors are the perfect way to heat, cool, dry, or moisturize your bulk solid material. By passing controlled process air up through the material bed of the Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor, the material is percolated like a gently boiling fluid.

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 3.35.23 PM 2.png

A flash dryer is the simplest and most ideal solution for easy-to-dry products requiring only surface moisture removal. Flash drying is applicable to most powders, pastes, cakes, or slurries including fine, sticky, and heat-sensitive materials. 


Industrial mixers by Marion Process Solutions are custom designed and fabricated. From lab scale to full scale, Marion supports a range of applications with lab testing available.



AUMUND Apron Feeders offer a wide range of applications for various feeding, unloading and discharging objectives. These Apron Feeders are particularly well adapted to provide solutions for the conveying of moist and sticky bulk materials, such as clay, gypsum, anhydrite, and pozzolana.


Air supported belts capitalize on the benefits of low-friction conveying, delivering reduced operating and maintenance costs, with zero dust emissions and minimal material losses.


Bruks Siwertell’s market-leading ship loaders are based on screw, aeroslide or belt conveying technologies and are delivered as stand-alone equipment or as part of terminal systems. Ship loaders are supplied as stationary or rail-traveling units with telescoping and slewing configurations.


Stacker reclaimers are a combination of technologies that pile and then retrieve dry bulk materials for onward conveying in an efficient, controlled way. Stacker reclaimers can form linear, semi-circular and fully circular piles in a range of sizes and capacities. Each stacker reclaimer has an optimized design taking into consideration the material being stored, density & angle of repose.


Flexible screw conveyors can convey in any direction – from horizontal to vertical, routed around fixed obstacles and equipment, and from one room to another. They maintain material homogeneity by continuously remixing it via the rotating spiral, effectively preventing product segregation. They prove to be a highly cost-effective solution for conveying dry bulk solids and ingredients.


Spiroflow’s Dynaflow tubular drag conveyors operate within the confines of a pipe. This conveyor mechanism features discs joined by metal links, or chains, to transport materials inside the pipe, perfectly tailored for extremely demanding tasks.


Tecweigh has long been known as a leading designer and manufacturer of in-motion weighing and metering products for dry material handling applications in the food, chemical, plastics, mining, and aggregates industries. 


The optimum design of the conveying and storage technology is the key, and AUMUND offers the appropriate Pan Conveyor for the application, adapted to the properties of the material to be conveyed.


Bruks Siwertell idler belt conveyors employ the most well-known, robust technologies for conveying large volumes of dry bulk material reliably and cost-effectively. As long as material can form a pile, it can be carried on a conveyor of this type.


Bruks Siwertell screw-type ship unloaders and ship unloading solutions are designed to transfer dry bulk cargo from ship to shore in the most efficient, environment-friendly way possible. They deliver high rated capacities, excellent through-ship performance, low environmental impact and decades of reliable service. They offer dry bulk operators the potential to maximize the sustainability and profitability of their terminals.


Serpentix Conveyor Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of continuous path conveyors. The ability to incline steeply and to make continuous horizontal, vertical and helical curves, permits a single Serpentix conveyor to replace multiple conventional conveying devices, eliminating troublesome transfer points and reducing energy, space and maintenance costs.


An aero mechanical conveyor has a tubular design where a cable assembly, with evenly spaced polyurethane discs, move at high speed. The action of the cable assembly traveling at high speed creates an air stream running at the same velocity.  As the material is fed into the airstream, it is fluidized and conveyed to the outlet where it is centrifugally ejected.


AUMUND Belt Bucket Elevators, Chain Bucket Elevators, Double Chain Bucket Elevators and Bucket Elevators with Gravity Discharge are able to handle all kinds of bulk materials. Dependent on material, application and local conditions, the Bucket Elevators are supplied either in central chain or belt design


Both dilute phase and dense phase conveying available. Automated Ingredient Systems can provide an application specific solution for each pneumatic conveying project.


Chain conveyors are generally used when cohesive bulk materials such as chalk, gypsum, clay or raw coal are to be discharged from a hopper. 
AUMUND Drag Chain Conveyor type LOUISE TKF is often used because this machine conveys the bulk material in a closed trough, its operation is not damaging to the environment.


Rail Car Unloader

 Portable railcar unloaders and transloaders are designed for situations where it is impractical to have a fixed unloader working from a pit under the rail. Contact your local sales representative for more information.


Mobile shiploaders offer flexible and environmentally friendly export solutions for bulk materials. The fully mobile chassis of the SAMSON Mobile Shiploader allows it to be operated anywhere in the port. Different designs match every type of vessel from barges to Panamax size. Loading capacity reaches up to 2,000 tons per hour depending on the specifics of the material being handled.


Screw Conveyor

Totally enclosed, spillage-free conveying systems. Screw conveyors can be delivered as stand-alone units, as part of complete bulk material handling systems.


Cablevey conveyors are designed for gentle material handling and for conveying in multiple planes. These tubular conveyor systems are proficient in transporting fragile bulk products from multiple in-feed points to multiple discharge points, ensuring minimal damage over long distances.


Tecweigh belt scales provide customers a proven, rugged, and reliable design available in single, dual, and four idler configurations.



Wet Dust Collectors

AAF RotoClones combine high efficiency, low maintenance costs, simplicity, flexibility and low water usage to maximize performance. 

cyclone small.png


Cyclones can be used for larger particulate applications as a stand-alone dust collector or can serve as a primary separator prior to a baghouse.



Baghouse dust collector styles range from bottom loading bags, top loading bags and walk-in clean air plenums plus a variety of inlet configurations.


Central Vacuum Systems

Legends Engineered Vacuum Systems are designed to be the ideal solutions for any Housekeeping, Pneumatic Conveying, Product Reclamation, and Hazardous Dust Control Operations. Legends Equipment is the exclusive partner with Gardner Denver Hoffman & Lamson brands.


Cartridge Collector

Cartridge collectors work well  with low to moderate temperature applications with very fine and light dusts and that have light to moderate dust loading.


Explosion Protection

IEP Technologies (Hoerbiger Safety Solutions) provides comprehensive explosion protection solutions. IEP research center conducts testing using nationally recognized testing, and provides solutions for suppression, isolation, vent panels, and flameless vents.

Size Reduction & Classification


Gundlach, Pennsylvania Crusher, and Jeffrey Rader each have unique crushing capabilities for size reduction needs of friable materials such as wood, coal, limestone, metal turnings, waste materials and much more.


The Micronizer® is a jet mill that employs a unique fluid energy grinding system to generate particle-on-particle impact.


Industrial lump breakers can transform agglomerates into particles.

whirlwind small.png

Sturtevant's precision particle separation and air classification solutions are designed to separate materials by size and density, delivering consistent quality results every time. The Whirlwind and Side Draft offer consistent separation of particles in the 100 to 400 mesh range; SuperFine can achieve separation in the 325 to 4800 mesh range.

vibratory screener.gif

Kason VIBROSCREEN Screeners can sift, classify, scalp, or dewater bulk solids and slurries.

They offer multiple decks for precise separations from 2 inches to 37 microns.


The Gentle Roll™ Standard Model offers a wide range of models and configurations. The flexibility of the design allows you to remove fines, overs, fines & overs, or separate by size. Screen configurations range from one to five screen sections and are determined by the end goal and application.

FCM Classifier Mill.jpg

Sturtevant FCM Air Classifying Mill combines both impact milling and air classification technologies in a single unit. It is an air-swept impact mill with integral classifier that grinds to low-micron range with tightest particle size distribution.


Kason's CENTRI-SIFTER can screen powders, granular materials, and continuously scalp dry or moist materials.

Packaging and End of Line Automation

bbf filler-c-series-gallery-15.webp

Fill up to 40 bags per hour & densify highly aerated material with consistent weighing accuracy for less giveaway. Spiroflow has C Series Fillers as well as CTE Fillers which use patented densification system to increase weight per filled bag.


These conveyors are designed to handle all types of bagged products through filling; closing and palletizing lines.

valve bagger(1).png

Simultaneously fill and weigh open mouth bags, boxes or drums with dry bulk products. Chantland-MHS offers gravity, pneumatic, auger, impeller, or vibratory models and more!


Bulk bag conditioners can resolve compaction issues & enable easy discharging from your bulk bag unloader.

Spiroflow’s bulk bag conditioner easily and effectively breaks up solid ingredient contained within bulk bags.


Bag palletizers are designed to stack bagged product onto pallets for storage and shipment. Chantland-MHS offers 3 primary robot models. Each model brings its own unique qualities and benefits to the ever-changing market place.

Valves, Pipes, Fittings


The pressed groove of Delta Ducon’s’s SPIRA/flo Pipe creates turbulence in the air stream keeping the product away from the pipe/tube wall to reduce angel hair formation in pneumatic conveying.


Since 1964 the PERMA/flo “XT & XL” Extreme Rotary Valve has been considered the valve of choice by customers who demand long life, rugged durability, ease of maintenance and high quality.

rotary air lock (1).png

Rotary airlock feeders are used in a wide range of applications where there is a need to minimize system air losses while transferring material between vessels with differing pressures.

slide gate(1).png

Shutoff dry bulk conveying lines under vacuum, pressure (dilute phase 15 psi max) or gravity with Lorenz Conveying Products. Lorenz manufactures couplings, tube and pipe bends, fittings, diverter valves, slide gates, cyclones and convey accessories.


Drawer Magnet

Product flows through multiple staggered rows of magnetic tubes. Good for medium and fine products that flow freely under gravity flow. Provides maximum surface area for product to contact magnet.

Suspended Belt Magnet

Suspended Belt Magnets are constructed with an oversized Plate Magnet. They are designed for suspension above a belt conveyor. Product passes under, contaminants get pulled out.

Hump Magnet

Good for high volume, poor flowing, or abrasive materials. Plate Magnets installed in offset, vertical housing. Material impacts the Plate Magnets multiple times in the configuration for superior separation.

Air Vey Magnet

Engineered for dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems operating at 15 PSI or less. Designed to maintain product velocity with no appreciable drop in pressure. Easily installed in any orientation (horizontal, vertical, angled). 

Grate Magnet

Grate Magnets are placed directly in the product stream allowing free flowing products to come in direct contact with the grate. Typically constructed with 1-inch magnetic tubing.

Head Pully Magnet

Head Pully Magnets provide continuous self-cleaning protection for products conveyed on belts. Contaminants are safely discharged on the underside of the belt away from clean product.

Rotating Drum Magnet

Rotating Drum Magnets are ideally suited for applications where there is a high concentration of metal contaminates and where stopping product flow for contaminate removal is not an option. 

Rotary Feeder Magnet

Rotary Feeder Magnets are designed to meter the flow of product and protect the downstream equipment at the same time. The Plate Magnet easily retracts from the housing for cleaning. FDA approved silicon available.

Plate Magnet

Plate Magnets are designed for use in chutes and suspension over conveyed product. Installed on the bottom side of a chute, a Plate Magnet provides protection a product travels through the chute.

Vertical Spout Magnet

Engineered for gravity fed product. Ideal for products that would bridge or choke in magnetic tube style separator. Consists of housing and two opposing Plate Magnets.

Angled Spout Magnet

Angled Spout Magnets consist of a Plate Magnet attached to a housing. Easily installed on existing application. Can be installed on round or rectangular housings.

Liquid Trap Magnet

The Sanitary Liquid Trap Magnet is engineered for liquid and slurry lines. There is no appreciable pressure drop or reduction in flow rates where installed. Can be installed horizontally, vertically, or at an angle without affecting efficiency.

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