Drawer Magnet

Magnetic separation and protection equipment is used to remove ferrous metal from the process and can be a great tool when used in the right application. 


Plate Magnets


Plate Magnets are designed for use in chutes and suspension over conveyed product. Installed on the bottom side of a chute, a Plate Magnet provides protection a product travels through the chute.

Vertical Spout Magnet


Engineered for gravity fed product. Ideal for products that would bridge or choke in magnetic tube style separator. Consists of housing and two opposing Plate Magnets.

Hump Magnets


Good for high volume, poor flowing, or abrasive materials. Plate Magnets installed in offset, vertical housing. Material impacts the Plate Magnets multiple times in the configuration for superior separation. 

Air-Vey Magnet


Engineered for dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems operating at 15 PSI or less. Designed to maintain product velocity with no appreciable drop in pressure. Easily installed in any orientation (horizontal, vertical, angled). 

Grate Magnets


Grate Magnets are placed directly in the product stream allowing free flowing products to come in direct contact with the grate. Typically constructed with 1-inch magnetic tubing.

Drawer Magnet


Product flows through multiple staggered rows of magnetic tubes. Good for medium and fine products that flow freely under gravity flow. Provides maximum surface area for product to contact magnet. Manually cleaned. 

Drum Magnets


Rotating Drum Magnets are ideally suited for applications where there is a high concentration of metal contaminates and where stopping product flow for contaminate removal is not an option. 

Rotary Feeder Magnet


Rotary Feeder Magnets are designed to meter the flow of product and protect the downstream equipment at the same time. The Plate Magnet easily retracts from the housing for cleaning. FDA approved silicon available. 

Belt Magnets


Suspended Belt Magnets are constructed with an oversized Plate Magnet. They are designed for suspension above a belt conveyor. Product passes under, contaminants get pulled out.

Magnetic Head Pully


Head Pully Magnets provide continuous self-cleaning protection for products conveyed on belts. Contaminants are safely discharged on the underside of the belt away from clean product.

Angled Spout Magnet


Angled Spout Magnets consist of a Plate Magnet attached to a housing. Easily installed on existing application. Can be installed on round or rectangular housings.

Liquid Trap Magnet


The Sanitary Liquid Trap Magnet is engineered for liquid and slurry lines. There is no appreciable pressure drop or reduction in flow rates where installed. Can be installed horizontally, vertically, or at an angle without affecting efficiency.

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