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Bruks Siwertell Installs 600t/h Ship Unloader in Arctic Circle

Bruks Siwertell recently finished installation of a new 600 tons per hour ship unloader in the world's most northern fertilizer center for Yara International, a Norwegian chemical company specializing in the production of nitrates, ammonia, urea and other nitrogen-based chemicals.

  • About the Companies Involved

  • Unique Challenges With Arctic Installations

  • Equipment Used in the Installation

About Bruks Siwertell & Yara International


Yara International was founded in 1905 to help fight the growing European famine conditions of the time. Today Yara positions themselves as a world leader in sustainable crop nutrition with over 16,000 employees in over 60 countries. In 2019 alone, Yara International reports revenues in excess of 12.9 billion USD.

Bruks Siwertell is a recent evolution in the bulk materials handling market place. In 2018 two industry super powers, Bruks Group and Siwertell AB, merged creating a global presence in ship loading/unloading. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden the newly form Bruks Siwertell Group has offices world wide including US, Sweden, Germany, China, Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, and boasts over 1000 installations, positioning them as a global leader in bulk handling solutions.

Unique Challenges With Arctic Installations


The Arctic Circle is uniquely important in climate cycles, marine food networks, sunlight reflection, and many other fragile environmental concerns. Because of this, the Arctic Circle has many stringent regulations and guidelines. Navigating and complying with these regulations can often be a 'deal killer' when trying to deploy new equipment or build new facilities in these areas.

The engineering team at Bruks Siwertell was able to make necessary modifications to their ship unloader and meet all of the guidelines given to them by Yara International, a testament to the expertise and experience of the technology experts at Bruks Siwertell.

The screw-type conveyor used offers high levels of efficiency and supports a fully enclosed conveyor systems, making it the ideal ship unloader to safely handle fragile bulk materials and address environmental concerns since it eliminates dust emissions.

Equipment Used in the Installation


Siwertell ST-490M

  • 600 Tons per Hour

  • Vessels up to 20,000 DWT

  • Rail Mounted

  • Handling various types of rock phosphate and potash fertilizer

  • High winds resistant

  • Extreme cold resistant

The ST-490M was delivered in an impressive 18 months and is already installed and in use without any delay. The Siwertell ship unloader's on time delivery and installation was thanks to it being shipped fully-assembled via heavy-lift ship. Today the ST-490M is mounted onto the rails and all of the training for its use has been completed by the Yara International staff.

For more information regarding this installation, please visit:

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