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Cableflow Cable Drag Conveyor

Price: $20k-$60k+

  • Tubular Conveyor

  • Designed for fragile materials

  • Options for automatic tensioning system

  • Operates in all 3 planes

  • Maximizes plant floor space

  • Multiple inlets and outlets

  • Enclosed, dust-free convey system

  • Wet or dry materials

  • Options for food grade

  • Capacities up to 11 cubic feet per minute

  • 24/7/365 capability

  • Operating temperature up to 176 Fahrenheit

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Cable Drag Conveyor Description (Tubular Conveyor)

Designed for Fragile Materials

Spiroflow's patented Cableflow Cable Drag Conveyor is a tubular drag conveyor designed for fragile material prone to breakage. This tubular conveyor operates by moving product between USDA approved polyurethane discs attached to a stainless-steel cable. These discs move at a slower speed than an aero mechanical conveyor and have tighter tolerances to prevent product from getting wedged between the discs and tube.

Automatic Tensioning System

The convey system needs to maintain constant and consistent tension on the cable to maintain the tolerances and prevent problems with the convey discs not aligning with the sprockets driving the conveyor. With this in mind, Spiroflow options an automatic tensioner with the cable drag conveyor to ensure the tension on the cable is within spec even as the cable stretches with time and use.

Operates in All 3 Planes

Tubular drag conveyors also offers operators the ability to maximize warehouse real estate by operating in the X, Y, and Z axes.  The Cableflow Drag Conveyor is often used in place of other conveying solutions because of this multi-plane ability. With this freedom of layout, a tubular conveyor can be used to minimize the number of transfer points between pickup and discharge.

Multiple Inlets and Outlets

The Cableflow Drag Conveyor can be optioned to have multiple inlets or even multiple outlets. This often saves upfront capital costs by reducing the number of conveyors needed to feed a blender or storage unit. Also, having the ability to add multiple inlets on a conveyor saves floor space for other equipment and can free up operators for other jobs since there is only a singular conveyor running instead of two or three.

Dust-free Conveying

In a tubular drag conveyor, a continuous loop of discs with a cable through the middle is driven with sprockets from pickup to discharge and back to pick up. Because the convey systems is totally enclosed, the Cableflow Cable Drag Conveyor is a dust free solution for conveying. In many recent cases, a cable drag conveyor replaces existing conveyor because of rising concern for dust hazard with OSHA.

Wet or Dry Materials

With the tight tolerances in tubular conveyor and the mechanical nature or the conveyor, wet and moist materials are not an issue. Feeding blenders and dryers is not uncommon for cable drag conveyor. However, is it important to note, tubular conveyors are not designed for conveying liquids.

Options for Food Grade

With USDA approved poly discs, Cable Drag Conveyors can be designed with food grade stainless construction to be used in food industry applications.

Speed and Capacity

Capacities for this conveyor vary widely depending on product behavior and material characteristics.  The upper limit being 11 cubic feet per minute or 0.31 cubic meters per minute. Speeds for the cable drag conveyor are typically up to 140 feet per minute or 43 meters per minute.

Cable Drag Conveyor Product Information

Technical Details

Flow Rate

4.5 - 11.0 cubic feet/min


5 - 39 feet

Material Type

Granular, Pellets Powders, Flakes

Particle Size

Fine Powders - Large Granules

Temperature Range

30 - 176 Fahrenheit

Flow Characteristics

Free Flowing

Material Characteristics

Cohesive, Corrosive, Toxic, Abrasive, Friable, Dusty, Flammable, Explosive, Hazardous

Maintenance Schedule

Low Maintenance

Life Cycle

2 - 5 years

Standard Applications (Cable Drag Conveyor)




  • Nuts

  • Wheat

  • Rice

  • Barley

  • Maize

  • Coffee

  • Plastic Pellets

  • Plastic Flake

  • Plastic Fluff

  • Plastic Regrind

  • PVC

  • Rubber

  • Seeds

  • Fertilizer

  • Lime

  • Limestone Pellets

  • Feather Meal

  • Pesticides



  • Aluminum Oxide

  • Carbon Black

  • Pigment Powder

  • Boric Acid

  • Titanium Dioxide

  • Detergents

  • Wood Pellets

  • Wood Chips

  • Metal Powders

  • Paper

  • Silica

  • Fiberglass

  • Cat Litter

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