TENNANT SPECS offers a range of conveyors suitable for any dry bulk application. With our vast array of principals we can always offer the most innovative solution for any feeding or conveying need. Whatever the problem, we'll find the solution. 


Belt Conveyor


Cambelt, known for its totally unique and patented one-piece flexible sidewall conveyor belting, is continuing in its commitment to provide customers with products of superior quality. 

Idler Conveyor

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Our idler belt conveyors employ the most well-known, robust technologies for conveying huge volumes of dry bulk material reliably and cost-effectively rocesses and storage.

Rail Car Loaders


DYNATEK EconoLoaders™ are currently being used to load trucks, rail cars and barges in a wide range of different industries.

Stacking & Reclaim

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Stacker reclaimers are a combination of technologies that pile and then retrieve dry bulk materials for onward conveying in a very efficient, controlled way.

Screw Conveyors


Totally enclosed, spillage-free conveying systems. Our screw conveyors can be delivered as stand-alone units, as part of complete bulk material handling systems.

Cable Drag Conveyor


Cableflow conveyors are designed for gentle material handling and for conveying in multiple planes.

Food Grade Conveying


Triton Innovation, LLC is a provider of wash down and stainless steel conveyors, container (cart) dumpers, and specialty products designed to meet the needs of food processing operations.

Gravimetric Feeders


Our Gravimetric Feeders are flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of dry materials, from fine powders to large pellets.

Spiral Elevators


A spiral elevator is the perfect way to accomplish multiple processes while elevating your product. If you need to heat, cool, dry, cure, dewater, or quench while elevating.

High Incline Belts


We will design your conveyor from the bottom up for any angle of incline or combination of angles including vertical conveyors.

Wire Mesh Belts


Our wire mesh conveyors are constructed of stainless steel, can withstand extreme high and low temperatures and maximize air flow through the belt.

Ship Loading

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Bruks Siwertell’s market-leading ship loaders are based on screw, aeroslide or belt conveying technologies and are delivered as stand-alone equipment or as part of terminal systems.

Truck Unloading

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Bruks Siwertell has developed a unique truck unloading portfolio that focuses on the fastest, most efficient way to discharge both end-dumping and self-unloading trucks.

Flexible Screws


Flexible screw conveyors can convey in any direction – from horizontal to vertical, routed around fixed obstacles and equipment, and from one room to another.

Chain Drag Conveyor


The hygienic, heavy-duty, totally enclosed, dust-free Chainflow tubular drag conveyor economically conveys dry, hot (up to 180°F/82°C) or cold, powders and granules

Bucket Elevators


Bucket Elevators are used for vertical elevation of cereals and similar dry, powdery, non-abrasive, non packing materials having a particle size of up to 13 mm.

Belt Scales


Tecweigh belt scales provide customers a proven, rugged, and reliable design available in single, dual, and four idler configurations.

IBC Discharge/Filling


The IBC is widely used either as a transport container or in process handling. 

Air Supported Belts

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Air supported belts capitalize on the benefits of low-friction conveying, delivering reduced operating and maintenance costs, with zero dust emissions and minimal material losses.

Rail Car Unloaders


Cambelt's portable railcar unloaders and transloaders are designed for situations where it is impractical to have a fixed unloader working from a pit under the rail.

Ship Unloading

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Our ship unloaders are designed to transfer dry bulk cargo from ship to shore in the most efficient manner possible. Equipped with totally-enclosed screw-type technology, 

Municipal Conveyors


Serpentix conveyor to replace multiple conventional conveying devices, eliminating troublesome transfer points and reducing energy, space and maintenance costs.

Aero Mechanical


Our Aeroflow aero mechanical conveyor has a tubular design where a cable assembly, with evenly spaced polyurethane discs, move at high speed.

Pneumatic Conveying


Both dilute phase and dense phase conveying available. We can provide an application specific solution for each pneumatic conveying project.

Volumetric Feeders


Volumetric Feeder is designed to handle the most difficult to feed dry materials.

Vibrating Conveyors


 Vibrating Feeders are the perfect solution for impact loading, wet materials, corrosive atmospheres, and many other adverse operating situations. 

Pneumatic Screw Pump


Screw Pump is a heavy-duty dry material injection pump. It is designed to feed dry pulverized material into a pneumatic conveying line.

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