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Chainflow Drag Chain Conveyor

Price: $20k - $60k+

•    Food-grade capable
•    Heavy-duty
•    Totally Enclosed
•    Dust-free
•    Dry Materials
•    Hot or Cold Material
•    Granules or Powders
•    Good with Fragile Materials
•    Continuous or Batch
•    Flexible Layout
•    24/7/36 operation potential
•    Conveys in all 3 planes
•    Maintains Mixtures
•    Minimal maintenance w/ automatic tensioner
•    Multiple Inlets and Outlets

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Product Description


The Spiroflow Chainflow is a tubular drag conveyor and is the newest design in their mechanical conveying lineup. This hygienic, totally enclosed system is great for food-grade application. With the ability to make the contact pieces out of stainless-steel and USDA approved polyurethan, Spiroflow can match even the most stringent cleaning requirements. 


This conveyor is one of the most heavy-duty tubular conveyors in the industry. With single mold polyurethan discs and heavy-duty stainless-steel chains, these conveyors are designed to handle the more aggressive materials. 

Dust-free Conveying

From inlet to outlet, the Chainflow Tubular Conveyor is completely enclosed. With this enclose design, dust collection systems are not necessary for this conveyor. This great for powders or granules with low bulk density that are often dusty. 

Hot or Cold Material

The stainless-steel chains and poly discs are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. These tubular conveyors can handle up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Minimize Material Breakage

With gentle handling of your fragile materials, Spiroflow Chainflow design is great for applications where materials are easily breakable.

Continuous or Batch Conveying

By adding a hopper above the convey system, it is possible to use this conveyor is a batch operation and has been done in facilities all over the world.

Flexible Layout

Spiroflow’s design for this tubular conveyor enable the conveyor to operate in the x, y and z axes at the same time. Mirroring the layout of a pneumatic system without the downsides of the pneumatic system. 

24/7/365 Operation Potential

With minimal spare parts requirements and heavy duty 316 stainless design, enjoy maximum ROI with 27/7 operations. 

Maintains Mixtures

The Drag Chain Conveyor moves batched mixtures by dragging the mixture with the polyurethane discs instead of using air to fluidize the mixture as it does in pneumatic systems. Because of this, their isn’t the risk of the batch reseparating based on densities. 

Minimal Maintenance w/ Automatic Tensioner

Spiroflow options an automatic tensioning system for their tubular conveyors. This tensioning system eliminates the need for operators to periodically adjust the tension on the conveyor to maintain efficacy.

Product Information

Technical Details


Up to 6 cubic feet / min


up to 250 feet

Particle Size

0.5mm - 20mm

Temperature Range

up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit

Accepted Material Characteristics

Cohesive, Corrosive, Toxic, Abrasive, Friable, Dusty, Flammable, Explosive, Hazardous

Maintenance Schedule

Low Maintenance

Life Cycle

2-5 years

Standard Applications




  • Nuts

  • Wheat

  • Rice

  • Barley

  • Maize

  • Coffee

  • Plastic Pellets

  • Plastic Flake

  • Plastic Fluff

  • Plastic Regrind

  • PVC

  • Rubber

  • Cement

  • Resins

  • Salts

  • Coals

  • Gypsum

  • Carbon Compounds




  • Seeds

  • Fertilizer

  • Lime

  • Limestone Pellets

  • Tobacco

  • Cotton

  • Feather Meal

  • Pesticides

  • Aluminum Oxide

  • Carbon Black

  • Pigment Powder

  • Boric Acid

  • Titanium Dioxide

  • Detergents

  • Wood Pellets

  • Wood Chips

  • Metal Powders

  • Paper

  • Silica

  • Fiberglass

  • Cat Litter

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