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Dynaflow Chain Drag Conveyor

Price: $20k - $60k+

  • Ultra-heavy-duty Conveying

  • Gentle Handling of Fragile Materials

  • Maintains Blends

  • Totally Enclosed for Dust-free Conveying

  • Layout Versatility with 3 Plane Circuits

  • Multiple Inlets & Multiple Outlets

  • Conveying Capacities up to 10 cubic feet/min

  • Conveys Straight Line Lengths up to 200 feet

  • Low Energy Consumption

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Call for pricing

8-10 week lead

Product Description

Ultra-Heavy-Duty Conveying 

Spiroflow's Dynaflow Drag Chain Conveyor is made of a link & pin design an constructed with strong metal disc and metal chain as opposed to the cable design with polyurethane discs. This makes the Dynaflow conveyor suitable for the most arduous of applications. They can be made from a variety of material ranging from cast iron to stainless steel. This conveyor moves material at a slower rate than other tubular conveyor but can handle a wider range of difficult to convey materials.

Gentle Handling of Fragile Materials

Tubular Drag Conveyors are by design good for fragile and friable materials. Material rests in the pockets between discs and is gently pulled along by the chain and disc design. The gentle action and lack of high speed and pressure help to minimize the product degradation.

Totally Enclosed for Dust-free Conveying

The material in your application will be conveyed in a totally enclosed system. With the chain and disc assembly encased in a fully enclosed tube, the only possibility for dusting is outside of the tubular conveying system at other point in your process.

Layout Versatility with 3-Plane Circuits 

Structural drag chain conveyors can operate in three (3) planes.  This layout flexibility enables our engineers to design complex circuits which eliminates transfer points while using a single drive.

Multiple Inlets and Outlets

The Dynaflow Drag Chain Conveyor can accommodate customers specific application need.  With many applications needing to drop material into multiple different batches, having the freedom to build a system with multiple outlets gives engineers the freedom to design more efficient and cheaper systems. 

Conveys in Straight Lines up to 200 

The conveyor can convey over long distances with a maximum straight line distance of 200 feet and the ability to connect multiple conveyors for longer distances. 

Low Energy Consumption

No matter how great the volume, structural drag conveyors are very energy efficient especially when compared to pneumatic conveying systems.  Users benefit by their minimal power requirements and associated energy savings.

Product Information

Technical Details


up to 10 cubic feet / min


up to 200 feet

Particle Size

Fine Powders - Large Granules

Temperature Range

up to 180+ Fahrenheit

Accepted Material Characteristics

Cohesive, Corrosive, Toxic, Abrasive, Friable, Dusty, Flammable, Explosive, Hazardous

Maintenance Schedule

Low Maintenance

Life Cycle

2-5 years

Standard Applications




  • Nuts

  • Wheat

  • Rice

  • Barley

  • Maize

  • Coffee

  • Plastic Pellets

  • Plastic Flake

  • Plastic Fluff

  • Plastic Regrind

  • PVC

  • Rubber

  • Cement

  • Resins

  • Salts

  • Coals

  • Gypsum

  • Carbon Compounds




  • Seeds

  • Fertilizer

  • Lime

  • Limestone Pellets

  • Tobacco

  • Cotton

  • Feather Meal

  • Pesticides

  • Aluminum Oxide

  • Carbon Black

  • Pigment Powder

  • Boric Acid

  • Titanium Dioxide

  • Detergents

  • Wood Pellets

  • Wood Chips

  • Metal Powders

  • Paper

  • Silica

  • Fiberglass

  • Cat Litter

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